Sunday, 29 June 2014


After blogging the “12 keys to Sustain your marriage” many are calling for more of that and today I want share with you these eighteen ways for you to stay in love forever. Many marriages are collapsing but ours will not. To pass your exam, you will need to study. To know how to drive, you will need to learn how to drive, so to have a good and successful marriage you will have to work at it. I can promise you that there is no way you will practice these few points and not see improvements in your marriage.

  1. Make a total Commitment
  2. Communicate Openly and honestly
  3. Ask for what you want
  4. Expect the Best form your Spouse
  5. Accept differences in each other
  6. Encourage the other person continually
  7. Be a good Listener
  8. Seek first to understand your Partner
  9. Set Reasonable Standard
  10. Never go to bed angry
  11. Visualize the other person as Ideal
  12. Treat your Spouse like a Client
  13. Forgive early and often
  14. Apologize for your mistakes
  15. Learn about your Spouses interest
  16. Take time to be together
  17. Develop Shared Goals

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Never give up, my friend.

Giving up after a few failures is bad. Giving up after one failure is worse. But giving up without facing any failure is the worst mistake you can ever make. Never give up, my friend.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


There is a prison that has inmate population of about nine hundred and ninety-nine million. It’s a prison with no walls, with no hurtful wire, with no physical barrier, not even a warden but it is the most effective prison in the world today. Few break out, but those who do, find real and lasting freedom.

The prison is nowhere in the world but everywhere in the world. That prison is in our minds. It is a prison that holds back our initiatives, our talent, our ability to express ourselves and most of all, it holds back the fulfillment of our full potential as human beings.

That prison is fear. Our lives today are controlled by fear more than we know. Fear controls the choices we make, our actions, our habits and even our destinies. Fear has become one of the greatest threats to humanity in this day in its many forms.

Recent events in the world have shown how fear can drive even those that claim to be powerful to behave desperately and inhumanely but the effect of fear on our personal lives is more damaging than we can ever imagine. The simple truth is “fear can prevent you from progressing in life but am here to inform you that you should not fear anything in this world and never allow any man or woman or even a thing to intimidate you.

You are your own master but a servant of God and Him only should you fear. The fear of God should not be a fear of terror but of reverence. “For He (God) has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)” Please my dear and wonderful friend FEED YOUR FAITH AND YOUR FEARS WILL STARVE TO DEATH.