Saturday, 1 February 2014


Why are you working so hard and doing so much to get what you want? Do you know your purpose for being here?

Whatever your dreams may be and whatever you want to achieve, it is important to analyze the reasons for those things. The reasons for what you want to have and to achieve are your “WHY.” Your why is intimately tied to your purpose in life.

Everything has a purpose in life. The trees, birds, bees, ants and every living thing have a purpose for being. Each plays its own little part in the delicate architecture of life. Every good invention or good tool answers a question. Technology answers the why question – it’s an answer to someone’s problem.
YOU ARE NOT AN ANT BUT A HUMAN BEING and human beings, whatever you believe their origin to be, are the greatest of all of nature’s wonders. Why are most of them so purposeless in their existence? One philosopher Marcus Aurelius once asked: “Everything, a horse, a vine, is created for some duty……For what task, then, were you yourself created?”

A substantial number of us exist simply to exist. We live year in and year out as though living itself is our ultimate goal. If we make enough money and have enough things to gets us through to the next year we are satisfied. Surely, there is more to our lives than that? How can something so wonderfully made and endowed with potential as you are simply be here to just exist?

What is your purpose my dear friend?
What is your contribution to the world?
Is your being here making any difference to anyone?
What is your purpose here on earth? If I may ask again, look for it and fulfill it.