Friday, 29 November 2013


Good morning to all my lovely followers,

I am happy to share with you 10 proposals that am very convinced will enhance your ability to be an effective leader. I believe in the statement of Shapiro that “Leadership is an action, not a title, and the ability to lead can be found in every person. Each of us must claim our authority to lead at the right time and in the right place”

To begin with, let’s take a look at something in (1 Peter 4:10). Which readsAs each has received a gift, employ it in serving one another, as good managers of the grace of God in its various forms? 

With the above in mind, let’s move on to discuss our attributes of good leadership.

  1. Follow procedures and adhere to policies.
Effective leaders are essentially good followers. They understand that they are accountable to those in authority. They know it is not a good idea to behave as a lone wolf, but that they must instead keep their work priorities aligned with the organization’s goal and have an appropriate sense of self-importance. People who lead in place value the necessity of following procedures and adhering to established policies.

  1. Good leaders submit to the authority of others.
Closely related to number one is the recognition that we are all under the authority of someone, whether it is a supervisor, director, president, board of governors, or whoever else.

  1. A good leader is committed to his or her course.
Whoever assumes a leadership role needs to be committed to the group. The groups or organization’s vision and mission must be internalized by the leader. An effective leader is a person who can commit to using his or her ability to lead others, implement technical skills and conceptualizing situations in helping to ensure goal achievement.

  1. Good leaders are proactive leaders.
It is better to always initiate than to react. Individuals who assume leadership must take the proverbial bull by the horns and move forward to be successful.

  1. One attribute of a good leader is the ability to take risks
It is sometimes necessary for leaders to step outside the box, to be innovative. Leaders must be flexible enough to know when it is time to try a new procedure or implement a new policy. For many taking risk is frightening, but such behavior can be invaluable, benefiting the entire group.

  1. A good leader has above average character.
There are no perfect people, but for a leader to be considered good, they must have a character that is unquestionable within the organization or group. Leadership always draws criticism from someone, so a leader may not be able to get everyone to believe in him or her, but the people who know the leader best should trust the leader’s character.

  1. A good leader is a futurist.
Good leaders are always thinking beyond today. “What’s next?” is a common question asked by good leaders, knowing that someone must continually encourage change, growth and strategic thinking for an organization to remain healthy.

  1. Listen
Communication plays a vital role in the achievement of interpersonal and organizational goals. Communication is a two-way process. Effective communication requires leaders capable of effective listening. Covey said “seek to listen first, and then seek to be understood”. Ineffective listening undermines people’s self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity. Remember that, hearing and listening are not synonymous terms. 

  1. A good leader continues to learn.
Good leaders are always learning and implementing those learning into the betterment of the group or organization. That could be through reading, conferences, web-based learning, or through other leaders.

  1.  A good leader is humble and believes in TEAMWORK.
If you think you are the greatest you will fail. One character trait of good leadership is humility. Humility means you are teachable. Effective leaders understand that it is only when Together Everyone Achieves More.
Good leaders are always hungry for knowledge and are ready to learn what they don’t know. Prideful leaders are always passed by and left in the dust.

I end this edition with a popular quote by Ken Blanchard which reads “LEADERSHIP IS NOT SOMETHING YOU DO TO PEOPLE. IT IS SOMETHING YOU DO WITH PEOPLE.”
I love you all, have a blessed weekend.

Christian Essel