Tuesday, 12 November 2013


We go into relationships hoping to make them forever.  After all, it is not wise to enter into JUST any relationship which will end in a break up. To make a long term relationship work, a couple needs trust, understanding, mutual respect and SIMILAR VALUES and goals.
To improve our relationship requires an equal amount of selfless love and nurturing from both partners to flourish into a beautiful and strong relationship with time. Good luck friends.
To help improve our relationships, let’s begin by considering these questions;
1.       Do you have the conviction that Jesus brought the two of you together?
2.       Do you follow the spiritual beliefs, values and customs of your religion?
3.       Do you have any secrets? Then reveal them yourself and don’t wait for another person to inform them.
4.       Have you been sexually active with people other than your fiancé? If YES, have you told him or her?
5.       Are you committed to the relationship or you have one eye on something else?

Ø  To improve your relationship, keep the golden rule. This is “LOVING YOUR PARTNER AS YOURSELF”.
Men and Women are equally valued in the eyes of God. It is true they have different roles to play in enhancing the relationship but RESPECT is a main ingredient of any happy couple.
It might surprise you that, in the process of pleasing your partner, you will find yourself to be the HAPPY ONE.

Ø  Learn how to communicate effectively.
This is essential to a healthy relationship. More than often, loving couples get stuck in a communication pattern that robs them of the ability to speak clearly, listen reflectively, and respond compassionately.
Having effective communication skill is helpful in accomplishing the daily chores of partnering. It is critical when it comes to communicating about topics of conflict but it is easier to find resolution when you know how to speak and listen with respect and clarity.

Ø  To improve your relationship will require you to MAKE COMMITMENTS TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP.
What are you committed to? What is presently happening in your relationship discloses what your spoken and unspoken commitments are to. What are you spending your TIME doing? Consciously slice out TIME exclusively for your relationship and to committing to one another and making passion and love a priority.  

  1. To improve your relationship, there is the need to Form new beliefs about how you can be together.
Our beliefs about what is possible influence our actions and the results we get from our actions. If you're not experiencing what you want in your relationship, it could be that you're being blocked by holding on to unhelpful beliefs about what's possible. If so, create new beliefs about how you and your partner can be together that are aligned with your desires.

  1. To improve your relationship, look for opportunities to pamper and spoil your partner.
In the case of married couples, especially men, pampering can be as simple as letting your partner sleep in late, while you make breakfast and take care of the kids, or allowing them to relax while you wash the dishes after dinner. Or, it can be bringing home a little surprise gift that you know they'll love, like ice cream or a favorite food or even taking them to places of their interest.
Women on the other hand should learn how to pamper their men and make them feel good.

  1. Touch your partner in loving ways.
When we touch, we connect at that moment. Give your partner gentle touches, hugs and kisses so they can feel your love and connection. Or touch their heart, by writing to them how you feel about them.

  1. Spend regular time alone together.
It's difficult to have a successful relationship without spending at least one morning, afternoon or night a week alone together, free from distractions of family and work responsibilities. Experiment and find fun things to do together.
To suggest, you can have on the beach, get massages together or better still, give each other a massage!
Your dates don't need to be expensive but your intention needs to be to connect and focus on each other.
Remember this; a true date means you're spending time looking at one another, not at something else.

Jesus, the Son of God said that the greatest commandment of them all is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. When applying this commandment to our relationship or marriage, it means to love your husband/wife or better still your partner as you love yourself. That implies putting his or her wishes above yours, giving in to make the other happy. Hmm... this sounds a bit difficult, doesn't it?
But there is nothing we cannot do if we really want happiness in our relationships leading to marriage.

Christian Essel.